Musical Alphabet Competition

Can you solve the clues? Some are more cryptic than others, but Bruce would expect his pupils to know most of them by the time they were eighteen.

Each month, the fullest answer wins a copy of The Piano Teacher. Also, send me your silver-lining photo and if I put it on the website, you get a free book.

A is for grass-eating cows

B is for lesser liturgy

C is for finishing

D is from the top

E is for cello concerto

F is for Dutchman

G is for Piano

H is for four parts

I is for eskimo musician

J is for let's play anything

K is for underworld action

L is for Clair

M is for passion

N is for Chopin's dream

O is for Cor Anglais' brother

P is for 'and sir comes tons'

Q is for organ stop, more dead than alive

R is for Tosca's offspring

S is for right foot

T is for Rondo alla

U is for bowing

V is for lively

W is for www.musical

X is for I'll ring

Y is for fruit tree inhabitant

Z is Saint Saens home for Pianists