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Background: Introduction Aug 2010 news report. Read about Bradley Edwards who wants to build a space elevator sooner rather than later, or Watch his video and read his report. Browse the space elevator blog and spaceward and read Arthur C Clarke's essay on the subject. Watch the development of carbon nanotubes (for making the cable) at the Carbon Nanotube Site.

Videos: Since 2004, there has been an annual contest for the fastest climber, a vital part of the project. There are plenty of other videos on Youtube (search for Space Elevator).

Books: To get you started, Arthur C Clarke's novel The Fountains of Paradise (1979) is a fun read and introduces the concept of the space elevator well. Recommended. His more recent novel Firstborn: A Time Odyssey Book Three by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter (2008) has a chapter giving an account of a ride up a space elevator near the beginning.

Other links I enjoyed: news item Jan 09 . . . second version . . . and again Jan 2009 . . . International Space Elevator Consortium . . . Liftport Group . . . Rotation system . . . 2009 games . . . and not least spaceelevatorgames.org . A space elevator on Mars? contains three nice images. Read Japanese plans to build a space elevator (2009). Maybe Australia might host a docking platform . Might the cable pose a possible light pollution problem? Interesting discussion. Do your own search on the web, and please let me know of interesting sites you find - thanks. Home page