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In 1995 my father asked me to help him produce his memoirs. This eventually led to a hardback book named Pennant Papers. I word processed the text, which was photocopied and then bound by Ottery bookbinders. My mother then asked that her Uncle's book King Blacksack and his Sword be reprinted. More family history followed, and finally another volume of reminiscences by my father and elder brother, named Insects in Amber. Along the way, I taught myself bookbinding. By this time, a name was required, and so Pennant Publishing was born on 1st January 2000.

A year or two later I received an enquiry from a budding author who had written a science fiction novel. We produced it in hardback. At the same time, my frustration with the lack of a church in the UK that measured up to Jesus' standards in the gospels was getting to me. After several earlier attempts and much helpful comment from friends, I had my book The Priorities of Jesus printed. One aspect of the feedback I received was that I write well, which was a surprise to me. So when one day I was travelling in the train, and I found myself imagining that a day would come when the young people would be airborne in flying suits in the sky, I decided to write it down, and see where it went. This finally led to The Piano Teacher.

I continue to write; the sequel to The Piano Teacher was finished In 2005, and now the third volume is also concluded, completing the series. Getting published is another matter, however. The competition is immense. I therefore decided to produce The Piano Teacher myself, in the hopes that it might win the interest of a publisher. That was also why I began the sequels; publishers like a follow-on in case the first book does well. In my case, I believe the second and third volumes are not mere pot-boilers, which I abhor. If anything, they are better than The Piano Teacher.

Some authors plan their work in meticulous detail before they start writing, but for me, the process is like walking along an unknown path at night time with a torch; I never know which way the path will twist and turn. I find it great fun and would recommend it to anybody.

Any feedback and comments you have will be much appreciated. Thank you for your interest.

David Pennant


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