Apple Snow

. We planted our apple tree about ten years ago, and it now produces a crop in September. Quite a number of apples are lost to some kind of blight: I have been advised to paint a band of special black stuff round the trunk to prevent insects from crawling up, which I will do soon. (Search for it). It may help.

Still, there was a harvest of two buckets of apples.


I cut the apples into quarters and then remove the stalks and pips. Everything else, I throw into a saucepan. I leave the skin on.

Then I put minimum gas under the pan. I don't try to get the pan hot - I just let the minimum gas do it's work ever so slowly. I stir the apples every five minutes to stop them sticking.

After forty minutes or an hour, the mixture is soft throughout. I remove it from the gas and leave it for a few hours to get cold, then put it into containers and into the freezer.

Resullt: delicious apple snow to go on my cereal all year. Yum yum.

Thankyou, David Pennant , Woking