More Compositions by David Pennant

Please bear in mind that midi files are only computer generated and lack subtlety and finesse. Thanks!

Piano Sonata first movement slow movementfinale

March for Piano Duet written on the beach in Majorca when I was eighteen.

String Trio Opening movement slow movementfinalewritten at uni.

Three songs Nightingale Wind Morning

Trumpet Tune for Nick who enjoys big band music.

Two pieces for flute choir of 40 flutes, including piccolos and alto flutes: Jingle Bells and Nocturne in three movements: 1. Stars glimpsed through a break in the clouds, 2. Fairground at Night, 3. Waves on the Shore by Moonlight

Orchestral Sketch

Fiddles May Safely Embark (with apologies to J.S. Bach), was written for a group of young beginner violinists, and two advanced violinists. The beginners play the tune. An instruction in the music reads "No attempt should be made to synchronise bowing"

Music for a brass quintet for use just before the concert interval and a second piece for them

This Music for the Dorothy Sayers Society was entered for a competition requiring around one minute of music for four instruments or less, to act as an Introduction to public readings of the play cycle The Man Born to be King. The clip lasts exactly 60 seconds.

For an amateur dramatics group I wrote the opening music for the Wind in the Willows and a song "When the Toad Came Home"which needed to have the simplest possible vocal line. The pantomime Aladdin required opening Chinese music

Following a request for a punk song for keyboard for an eleven year old, I sent this

Thank you for listening. David Pennant, Woking, UK