The Book of Daniel by David Pennant

The stories and visions from the Bible.

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The sheet music is published by Stephen Pegler at Particular Music. Grade seven.

The pieces are designed to be performed in order as a group. Numbers eight and nine should be played without a break. The sheet music has have titles which explain what is happening at every stage of the music, and these should be displayed in performance.

Total playing time 25 minutes. See also this note about the music

1. Chapter One - Daniel and Friends

2. Chapter Two - Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

3. Chapter Three - The Burning Fiery Furnace

4. Chapter Four - The Tree

5. Chapter Five - Belshazzar's Feast

6. Chapter Six - The Lions' Den

7. Chapter Seven - Daniel's Visions

8 - 9. Chapters Eight and Nine - Battles and Daniel's Confession

10. Chapters Ten to Twelve - The Resurrection