Margetson Family Group Photos

found in a loft in 2001. Relating to

MARGETSON William, a leather manufacturer = Sarah. Parents of

MARGETSON John Stewart, baptised 13.10.1811 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London = Hannah Woods on 7.6.1838 at St Giles, Camberwell. Both were then living at Peckham Rye. John's trade was ware-houseman. John had the following four sibli ngs; William Peter, John, James & Paul. Paul of The Lawn, Clapham Common, London, had a son Leonard Charles Margetson (b 27.2.1860), who attended Trinity Hall, Cambridge, entered Oct 1878. John and Hannah Margetson were parents of

MARGETSON Mary Ann (14.2.1841 - 12.3.1885). She was christened on the 12th May 1841, St Giles, Camberwell, London. = Henry Parr Mallam (29.11.1838 - 19.1.1906). She had the following siblings Stewart, John & Hannah.

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David Pennant, Woking, Surrey, UK, great granson of Mary.


Left to right standing : Willie Margetson (Bride's father), Leslie Waterhouse (Bridegroom), Ellie Margetson (Bride), Addie Margetson, Nora Mallam, H.G. Morrish

Left to right sitting : Blanche Waterhouse, Stella Margetson, Polly Margetson (Bride's mother)

Left to right back : James Morrish (later Sir JM), Granny Margetson, ?, Grandfather Margetson

Left to right front : ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Lady Morrish