David E T and Mrs A C Pennant

1912 - 2001

I have been turning out boxes of memorabilia from my parents.

In addition to the links in blue, you can use the at the foot of each page to walk on through the collection.

1. Photo Gallery

2. Newspaper Cuttings

Here are some of my father's views when he was a crown court judge as recorded by the newspapers of the day. He cut them out and put them in a box.

Cutting one Sex Peddlers can Ruin Marriage

Cutting two The Hanging Judge

Cutting three Judge Makes Plea for Weekend Jail Sentences

Cutting four Judge Warns of Society's 'Pit of Greed and Violence'

Cutting five Police Role Vital says Judge at Crown Court Opening

Cutting six Press is the Best Safeguard Against Corruption

Cutting seven Judge Blames Divorce Soaring Crime

Cutting eight Court Warning to the 'Bullies of Weymouth'

Cutting nine In Praise of Women

Cutting ten Terror Potential in Poole

Cutting eleven Garden produces 500

Cutting twelve Marriage Failures Cause Crime

Cutting thirteen The Gentle Judge Adjourns for Retirement

Cutting fourteen Judge Trusted me with an Heirloom

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