On Abortion

This is the saddest subject of all, to my mind.

I narrowly avoided being aborted in my mother's womb. She once explained to me that when it was discovered that I was on the way, the doctor advised an abortion, but my mother said no, she wanted to go ahead. This information was damaging to me. I grasped that I had not been planned, concluded that I was not wanted, and that really, I should not exist. Following counselling, I realised that I had just as much right to exist as everone else on the planet, whether I was wanted or not.

I find the statistics shocking. There have been nine million abortions in the UK since the Abortion Act of 1967. There are thought to have been nine million abortions worldwide during January to March 2020. And last year, in the UK, it seems that a quarter of all pregnancies ended in abortion. If you knew that if you left your home , there would only be a seventy-five percent chance of your walking back in to it again, would you ever leave the house?

Please see here for Lynn's story. She is a retired midwife, who explains what actually happens, how the little ones may gasp for breath for up to two hours before life finally ceases and they are put in black plastic sacks and sent to the incinerator.

The way to live is to be chaste until marriage, and then faithful to your spouse until death. Why did we ever let this wonderful way of life go? Please may we embrace it again?

David Pennant, Woking