Articles by David Pennant

My twenty-one articles written during lockdown are gathered together in my book Earthquake Tremors

Signs of the Times

1335 days - A Call to Endure re the pandemic

More on the Mark of the Beast

Self help

On Ear Care

Towards a Christian Understanding of Addiction

On Dealing with Disappointment

On Anxiety

How I survived in intensive care in 2018. See also my book 36 Days in Intensive Care

How Can I Get Better?


On Melting Ice

On World Population

Bible Issues

What is the Biggest sin?

How could a Loving God authorise the invasion of Canaan?

Thoughts on Genesis Chapter One and science

The Death Penalty in the Old Testament

Unconfessed Sin

Am I Guilty of Discrimination?

Chapter and Verse

What Does the Bible Teach about the Devil?

Cast out Demons from my book The Church of the Future

Some Thoughts on the Nature of Prophecy

The Importance of the Sabbath

Open letter to Rick Warren

What is a prophet

Jesus Didn't Play the Guitar

God and Terrorists

On This Mountain


Copying Jesus

Copying the Apostles

The Rapture

Not Getting Free


The News Media

On Abortion

Musical Alphabetical quiz

Celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible (wordsearch puzzle)

Papyrology on the Road

Book reviews

Review of Mark Lynas' book The Six Degrees

Review of Jesus of the Apocalypse by Barbara Thiering

Given By Inspiration by William P Grady, on the issue of how to translate the Bible.