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Can I Trust the Bible? (Current project). May become part two of

Do I Have to Go to Church? It's Boring! My gradual discovery that the nineteen churches I attended over over 65 years, two of which I led, had the wrong aims. Being proofread.

Earthquake Tremors : what is God saying now? (2021) The twenty-one articles I have written during lockdown. Kindle from Amazon

36 Days in Intensive Care (2019) My experience of my time in hospital struggling with delirium. I was as close to death as it is possible to be without actually dying, and then made a full recovery, to the amazement of the doctors. Kindle from Amazon

The Garden of the Galaxy (2018) The vision of Abram the Seer as told to David Pennant. The struggles of policeman George to deal with difficult people who are not actually criminals. A story set a thousand years in the future. Hard copy - paperback - or Kindle from Amazon

When That Time Comes (2009) Following a solar flare which knocks out the nation's computer chips, a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator strives to strengthen his community and to save the local residents from death. Only available online - a pleasing irony. Kindle from Amazon

The Piano Teacher (Best Christian Novel 2005 from Christian Broadcasting Council ) The recent discovery of anti-gravity and infinite energy has had a huge impact on the world. Who would have dreamt that this would lead ultimately to a frantic dash by Bruce Winter, an obscure piano teacher, to the asteroid belt to save humanity ? And why was the precise opus number of Rachmaninov's most famous piano prelude so vital to the future of the cosmos? Hard copy - paperback - or Kindle from Amazon. Leads to :

. . . . The Inventor's Folly (2006) Sequel to The Piano Teacher. The Inventor's genius is all very well, but what he get's up to is ridiculous, surely? Bruce can hardky keep up, Kindle from Amazon. Leads to :

. . . . The Investigator's Choice (2006) Conclusion to The Piano Teacher trilogy. Life may appear to have got back to normal but the young man David is now on the scene, and his difficulty of choosing which of Bruce's daughters to pursue gets overtaken by events, namely over-zealous monks cooking up a severe storm in the Sahara desert in a bold attempt to bring on the millennium. Kindle from Amazon

The Priorities of Jesus (2003) The story of my search for how to run a church on first principles. The title says it all. It is still relevant today. Hard copy - paperback - or Kindle from Amazon or Pdf file free download here . Reader feedback. It followed on from two earlier attempts : Towards a Christian Church (2001) with an Appendix - An Imaginary Conversation and Footnotes and before that The Church of the Future (1992), a study of the great commission of Jesus (Matthew 28:28-30).

The Significance of Rootplay, Leading Words and Thematic Links in the Book of Judges, my PhD thesis undertaken at Trinity College Bristol (CNAA 1989). Available from https://www.academia.edu/ or email me.


Subcutaneous (2020) An internet play about one way the mark of the beast might come about.


Signs of the Times . . . 1335 days - A Call to Endure . . . More on the Mark of the Beast . . .

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Environment . . . On Melting Ice . . . On World Population . . .

Bible Issues . . . What is the Biggest sin . . . How could a Loving God authorise the invasion of Canaan? . . . Thoughts on Genesis Chapter One and science . . . The Death Penalty in the Old Testament . . . Unconfessed Sin . . . Am I Guilty of Discrimination? . . . Chapter and Verse . . . What Does the Bible Teach about the Devil? . . . Cast out Demons . . . Some Thoughts on the Nature of Prophecy . . . The Importance of the Sabbath . . . Open letter to Rick Warren . . . What is a prophet . . . Jesus Didn't Play the Guitar . . . God and Terrorists . . . On This Mountain . . . Genesis_38_Considered . . . Copying Jesus . . . Copying the Apostles . . . The Rapture . . . Not Getting Free

Sundry . . . The News Media . . . On Abortion . . . A Musical Alphabetical quiz . . . Celebrating 400 years of the King James Bible (wordsearch puzzle) . . . Papyrology on the Road

Book reviews . . . Review of Mark Lynas' book The Six Degrees . . . Review of Jesus of the Apocalypse by Barbara Thiering . . . Given By Inspiration by William P Grady, on the issue of how to translate the Bible.