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Regional Dialects at our Picnic

By Dani (Electrician and Builder)


“Al, Baby Luke needs his numbers bib,” his mum Ruth called frantically.

“Bib? Let me,” Philipp Ian said. “E’s the right littl’ ‘un,” Phil muttered, “Jam! ‘e’s covered in it. E’s na human!”

Jud gestured wildly at Dani’s pet: “Ere, stop, Rover, b’ still; down boy!! Good dog.”

“Dani, on that last re-wiring job”, remarked Jud, easily restraining Rover, “did chronic Les really lament at Ion’s acts on the S-salon?”

Ian scowled, but before I could speak, Phil rasped out, “Not Les – Jeremi. Ah! E’z rationed ma Lachi, ‘n Jon, ah, he brews up hi-lemon tea when he should rather revel at Ion’s romanse! Such a nice girl. Then when e’ asks, ‘Any cake – Eccles?’ I ‘as t’ espress meself forcibly. It’s too bad! I, ah, I am… ostounded!”

Meanwhile, John and Luke recalled Ian and Matt hewing wood together, humming a song of songs to Ian’s banjo elegantly, intonin’, “Ehem – I – ah – ho!  Sea I’m liking; sea 'nd sand 'nd sun.”

Suddenly Luke gave a huge belch. “In, Out; In-o, Ex-o! Dus ‘e love ‘is jam,” spluttered Phil as he wiped up the mess. “E’z, Ek!, I…”

Electrician Dani

P.S. Al (Ms Smith) first introduced me to Lachi - delicious.


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