Earthquake Tremors : what is God saying now?

The twenty-one articles I wrote in the first year of lockdown.

My response to Covid19 sweeping over our world was to ask what God was doing now. Not knowing what was coming, we decided to dig for victory, and turned twelve square metres of lawn into a vegetable patch. I made forty pots of jam and marmalade as they would keep for a long time if food became short, and one could probably live on a spoonful a day at a pinch.

I spent most afternoons in the summer of 2020 reading the Bible - I am retired and had the time. Various thoughts came to me, and these turned into articles which ended up on my website and also on which I created as an attempt to help people who were wondering about the same issues as me.

This book comprises the articles in a readable format.

One reader commented by email that she found the book really interesting, which was an encouragement.

the kindle for 0-80.