The Garden of the Galaxy

The vision of Abram the Seer as told to David Pennant

How can you be a good father to a fourteen-year-old boy when the world is kicking you in the teeth?

That's the question facing George the policeman as his space craft races off to investigate strange goings on at the Big Gun.

George's life path has many twists and turns, but in the end, despite all the treachery, the sun will come out for him from behind the clouds.

Paperback, 224 pages, A5 size, 16mm thick, weight 315 grams.

ISBN 978-0-9550053-1-2, published 15.01.2018. Cover by Sapphire Phillips, my great niece.

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The roots of this book had been growing inside me since I first became aware of global warming in 2004, when I began to wonder where humanity was heading. Will we manage to get the planet back on track? Will our exploding population drive us out into space, and if so how far?

I was excited to read a hint about our future in space in Psalm eight of all places. (See the part of my video Easy Access to Space six minutes ten seconds into the clip).

But how could humanity communicate across vast astronomical distances? Only if there is no upper speed limit for spaceships ( and ). Communicating at the speed of light would be far too slow.

At church, I used to attend a small meeting on Sunday mornings where we expect God to speak to us in the silence, and more than once I found myself imagining a gun with an immensely long barrel. This led at first to Isaiah 54 verse 17- "no weapon that is formed against you will prosper," but later it became the seed idea for the story.

I decided to work out the entire plot in my head before starting to write. This took five months, from Septermber 2016. I began to write in late January 2017. Reader feedback from two friends and a publisher led to major revisions, and the book was finished in September 2017. Published January 2018, while I was in hospital. You can read about that in my book 36 Days in Intensive Care: my struggle with delirium