The Piano Teacher

by David Pennant, paperback, 575 pages, A5 size, 33mm thick, weight 774g, 2005,

Silver Lining Books, ISBN 978-0-9550053-0-5

awarded Best Christian Novel 2005 by the Christian Broadcasting Council .

The recent discovery of anti-gravity and infinite energy has had a huge impact on the world. Who would have dreamt that this would lead to a frantic dash across space to save humanity by an obscure piano teacher? And why was the precise number of a Rachmaninov Prelude so vital to the future of the cosmos?

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The Inventor's Folly Sequel to The Piano Teacher. Life appears to have settled doen for |Bruce, but the calm proves to be short lived. He soon gwets caught up in all kinds of weird events. Kindle from Amazon. I have also created a hard-backed copy for borrowing.

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The Investigator's Choice Conclusion to The Piano Teacher trilogy. Once again, life only appears to have got back to normal. The young man's difficulty in choosing which girl to pursue gets overtaken by events, namely over-zealous monks cooking up a severe storm... Kindle from Amazon. A hard-backed copy can be borrowed. Please enquire.

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