I have always loved reading books, but I never expected to create one myself.

My first challenge was when my father said to me that he would like to produce his memoirs - would I help? Pennant Papers was the result.

The books were beautifully bound by the Otter Bindery, but the process was expensive, and I wondered whether I could learn book binding myself. It turned out I could! So can you, maybe.

Next we produced a family tree with a hardback book of biographies of every ancestor. Then I found I had something important to say about running churches, arising from my work as a curate in the Church of England. After several attempts to create and bind my own books, I finally took the plunge and had 2200 copies of The Priorities of Jesus printed by Page Brothers of Norwich. I still have 700 of them left!

Bishop David Pytches kindly said I write well, so I then tried my hand at a novel - The Piano Teacher. You've guessed it - I was teaching piano by this time. In it, Bruce Winter saves the universe from multiplying machines. (They say all first novels are autobiographical...). To my delight, it won an award. Two more novels followed, to complete the story: The Investigator's Folly and The Inventor's Choice.

I did not expect to write again, but five years later, When That Time Comes popped up from nowhere. This time I put it on my website as a download. The theme was and is relevant - what would happen if all the computers suddenly stopped working following a solar flare?

Now I have written again, The Garden of the Galaxy. The theme here is about the far future - how ever will a civilisation stretching across the galaxy cope if there really is an upper speed limit, namely the speed of light? The story of George the well-intentioned policeman is weaved around the way humanity has learned to communicate across inter-stellar distances. Is this a prophetic vision or not?

In 2018 Inearly died from pancreatitis, but made a full recovery, to the amazement of the medics. I wrote an account of what it felt like to be in Intensive Care for 36 Days.

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David Pennant, Woking


Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK