What's the Difference Between D and R?

My Journey into Biblical Hebrew.

by David PennantDavid Pennant

“Read the Bible in the original languages? That’s too hard!”

If that’s your view, this short book is for you. My exam results in French and German at school were poor, but I found the Greek and Hebrew easier when I tried to learn them as an adult. This little book tells my story, and explains how I got to grips with Hebrew. I have had a lot of fun with it, and also gained insights I could never have discovered from translations alone. My aim in writing is to help you decide whether it might be worth having a try. I have included all the tips and advice I know.

Have fun.

"David's enthusiasm for Biblical Hebrew is highly infectious; reading this book is a sure way to catch something good!" Richard Bicknell, Theology student

ISBN 978-0-9550053-9-8

for 3-37