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For Sale and Wanted

Yamaha Electric piano for sale

Advice on buying a piano from Rob Stafford.

Local Retail outlets :

Adrian Warrick strings, West Byfleet.

Andertons in Woodbridge Road Guildford.

Andrews Pianos Godalming.

Brittens Music of New Haw for sheet music, instruments etc.

Dorothy Kirkman Pianos is based in Horsell.

Handel Pianos of Suningdale.

Ripley Guitars.

Sheargold pianos, Cobham.

See here for repairs and piano tuners

Various Offers :

Accordion : David Pennant has a medium sized one which needs to be played. A friend has a full sized Hohner.

Amplifier for keyboard, guitars etc : David Pennant has one he seldom uses and is happy to lend.

Keyboard Synthesiser : David Pennant has a Korg Poly 800 to lend.

Recorder : David Pennant has a bass recorder gathering dust, and I think a Tenor too somewhere.

Tuba : David Pennant has an EE flat bass which wants to be played. It needs a new case - any ideas?


Simply Theatre perform musicals at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre in September. Woking's theatre company. They always want help in every capacity. would value your support for re-opening the Surrey Arts Performing Library founded by Vaughan Williams.

Please get in touch to add something to this site - Thanks.