Biblical Hebrew and Greek in Woking, Surrey, UK

I am pleased to offer lessons in New Testament Greek or Old Testament Hebrew. I learned these langauages because of my love for the Bible.

I studied the London BD at Trinity College Bristol in 1981-4, gaining first prize in the Preliminary Exams in 1982. I went on to do a PhD in Old Testament: "The Significance of Rootplay, Leading Words and Thematic Links in the Book of Judges," CNAA, 1989. This looked at literary subtlety in the Hebrew text.

I have been a member of David Hill's Guildford Diocesan Greek group for many years - we now meet online on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 1300 to translate a chapter of the NT. (New members welcome: please enquire).

I am happy to tailor what I do to your requirements. Absolute beginners welcome. Also Biblical studies in general.

Personally I wanted to study both Biblical languages, and when I finally knew I was going to Theological College, I made a good start on Greek in the previous six months with a clergyman at Carshalton Beeches. This meant I was able to start Hebrew when I arrived at college, rather than having to wait a year - they would not have been keen for me to start two languages at once.

I live 300 yards from Woking station, and we have forecourt parking, if you come here, or I could come to you once I have been innoculated. Online for the time being. You can find out more about me from my website, with details of how to contact me. Thank you for your interest. Rev Dr. David F Pennant


The tutors I used myself and would prefer to use with beginners are Greek, J.W. Wenham, The Elements of New Testament Greek, CUP and Hebrew, J Weingreen, A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew, Clarendon Press, Oxford. I have found the most helpful books for translating the biblical languages to be Greek, A Reader's Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament, Sakae Kubo, T & T Clark and Hebrew, Index to Brown Driver and Briggs Hebrew Lexicon, compiled by Bruce Einspahr, Bagster, London, ISBN 0-85150-165-6 ideally in conjunction with thr Brown Driver and Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon of the OT.

I also like the Wigram concordances of OT and NT (see picture) because they list the words under their use in the original language and are easy to use. Keep an eye on Ebay and Amazon and Abebooks and elsewhere for cheap copies.

For a glimpse of the oldest fragment of St Matthew's Gospel, click here

I am also trying to learn Arabic, which I find heavy going. I have been through the grammar opposite five or six times, a book described as very difficult by my friend from Cairo, so that's good to know! I also wanted to refresh my schoolboy Latin, and bought a copy of Kennedy's Latin Primer, which is the book I used then. I am surprised how much I can remember, sufficient to be able to read the Christmas story in Matthew chapter two in Jerome's Latin Vulgate version. Fun!

PS For online resources, try Step Bible and also Tyndale House in Cambridge.